Verus Partners

Key strategic relationships with partners

A key advantage of Verus Partners is the firm’s unique institutional partner experience. Verus has developed a significant track record by not only delivering results for tenants and owners/users, but also by forging key strategic relationships with investment partners. Verus understands the realities of its institutional partners: risk management, long-range planning, quality assurances. Verus has become a trusted advisor with these issues and more. From market realities, construction, and architecture and design to understanding local and regional building codes, planning and a myriad of other development challenges and opportunities, Verus is the correct choice for institutional investors. The firms listed here have worked with the Verus team on at least one project, and in many cases multiple projects; these repeat successes are a clear validation of the Verus advantage. The foundation of this winning track record is a common sense approach that Verus brings to every relationship. Trusted, committed and prudent planning. Ask your industry peers and the Verus name will likely be described with these attributes.

  • Metlife
  • Morguard Investments
  • Sun Life Investment Management
  • Molto Properties
  • Cabot Properties
  • Heitman
  • S I T Q International, Inc.
  • Duke Realty
  • Welsh Property Trust
  • I N G Real Estate
  • U S A A Properties
  • Kingsett Capital
  • The Walsh Group
  • Janko Group
  • A E W Capital Management
  • Leaf Mountain
  • Hydro Quebec Pension Plan
  • Canada Post Pension Plan
  • Lexington Realty Trust
  • Clarion Partners
  • Province of Manitoba Superannuation Plan
  • Exeter Property Group
  • CSSB
  • Crestpoint
  • Aimco